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Thanks To Portea for providing such a great physiotherapy treatment at home especially at such affordable prices. Dr Anita at Portea is simply the best Physiotherapist in Bangalore. I personally commend the support, treatment and care that I received from team Portea. Thanks to physiotherapists advice and treatment for helping me recover from a painful sports injury in such a short time. 

Mrs. Shanti, Bangalore

I injured my knee playing football on a Sunday and the next day I could barely walk, that is when I was referred to Portea's at home Physiotherapy service by a friend. Thanks to the physiotherapist for a wonderful treatment and for reassuring everything is fine. All aspects of my physiotherapy treatment were explained to me by my physiotherapist and I got back to playing in just three weeks. 

Mr. Vankatesh, Bangalore

Why Choose Portea ?




Upto Rs 600/- Off 

on Physiotherapy Packages

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Physiotherapy At Home

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Our Expert Physiotherapists

Name - Joydeep Chatterjee
Designation - Patient Care Officer
Experience - 9 years
Bio - Masters in Physiotherapy (sports), from WBUHS, West Bengal.

Name - Meghamala Neogi
Designation - Sr. Physiotherapist
Experience - 7 years
Bio Masters In Physiotherapy (Ortho), from MM University, Ambala.

Name - Sabyasachi Ghosh
Designation - Sr.Physiotherapist
Experience - 12 years
Bio Bachelor in Physiotherapy, from WBUHS, West Bengal.

Name - Tamal Ghosh
Designation - Assistant Manager (Physiotherapy),Kolkata 
Experience - 10 years
Bio Masters in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal disorder & Sports), from RGUHS, Karnataka.

*Terms & Condition: 1 - Applicable only on successful payment of minimum 7 days package with advance payment

 2 - Offer Valid  Till 31st December 2022

*Terms & Condition:

1 -Applicable only on successful payment of full package.  

2 - Offer Valid Till 3oth September 2022 

Our Expert Physiotherapists

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Cervical Spondylosis

Shoulder Pain

Lumbar Spondylosis

Back Pain

Periarthritis / Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis


OA Knee / Hip

Cracking Joints

Post Surgical Rehab

Muscle Stiffness

ACL Tear / Laxity / Post Reconstruction Rehab

Knee Pain

Stroke/ Hemiplegia /
Monoplegia / Paraplegia 


Parkinson's Disease

Post Fracture Rehab

General Weakness / Geriatrics

Rehab For Knee Replacement

Post Surgical

Cerebral Palsy / Delayed Milestone